BITB : Browser In The Browser Attack

Disclaimer : This article is strongly "only for educational purpose". Read, learn and share awareness about how anyone can be safe from this attack technique.

BITB : Browser In The Browser (Template)

BITB : New version of sophisticated phishing technique that tricks users or website visitors into having a trust in "fake url is legitimate url or domain" 

Full article link is available at the bottom.

For demo purpose, you can get it from github

Picture below shows files : Windows Chrome Light Mode. More other for different platforms available too.

When we see "index" in browser, it shows error. Why ? Because you need to update or modify the content on how you want it to be executed.

Let's open index file on notepad and notice what things need to be changed or modify.

For changing, you can see following usage guide or tutorial on github.

For other 2 methods of detection see full article below.

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