Report Cyber Crime in Nepal

How to report Cyber Crime in Nepal ?

- Report it to Cyber Bureau, Bhotahiti Kathmandu

- Email as mentioned in site :

- Website Link :

- Contact number as seen on site : 9851286770, Phone Number: 014219044

Where can I report cyber crime in Nepal, Online ?

- Your all query is already answered above. 

- If you are still in confusion, then get help via calling 100.

- Or, visit nearest police station and place your query. 


  1. One person scammed my id plz help me

    1. My id also scammed by one person pzz help me

  2. Some one using my Mobile No. and sending nude messages to unkown peoples.

  3. Somebody hacked my account which I purchased in 2hour ago

  4. Somebody hacked my account which I purchased 4hours ago pls

  5. Replies
    1. Unknown person scammed my facebook I'd please help me 🥹

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  7. I was scammed by my old Facebook friend. I was going to buy I'd from him but when i sent him money he blocked me from Facebook and messenger amd he also deactivate his facebook account I have all proofs and his esewa number to catch him and punish him

  8. Someone hacked my facebook account and locked the account please help me


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