CYBERDOOR | Automated Payload Generator Tool

Disclaimer : This article is only for educational purpose. Do not do any wrong stuff after learning.

Available different modules and menu, and best part is all you can automate and generate payload. You can find menu like : android, windows, linux, php, ftp, ssh, wordpress, ftp backdoor, ip cameras.

Android : automate payload generator, android apk and can be used in android based phone.

Windows : You might be familiar with metasploit. You might have run many commands in there. Now, here it will automate all for you. Gain access with payload and exploit.

Linux : Same process like that for windows. We use metasploit here too.

Wordpress : On WordPress versions 5.0.0 and <= 4.9.8 it is possible to gain arbitrary code execution via a core vulnerability combining a Path Traversal and a Local File Inclusion. An attacker who gains access to an account with at least author privileges on the target can execute PHP code on the remote server.

IP Cameras : Hack into cctv cameras. Use shodan and metasploit here. 

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