BUGV : Nepal's Bug Bounty Platform Officially Launched

Nepal's own bug bounty platform bugv started it's operation officially. Major task of the company will be finding out the vulnerability of certain registered company's system and then securing them. Lot's of cyber security researchers and ethical hackers will involve in the task with the major aim to provide solid security to company and different systems. 

Important personality behind bugv platform is Mr.Naresh Lamgade, founder of Cynical Technology. According to him, any company or individual can submit their product or system in bugv platform with the aim to find out critical security vulnerabilities and take a major steps or process to secure them.

Let's put it in one sentence, 'many products, programs or systems designed and created will always hold loopholes and vulnerabilities, which will be exploited by un-ethical hackers and cyber criminals. So, important role of the company will be finding out those loopholes, securing them and rewarding the researchers of it's platform'.

Image via : bugv.io