Solved : RACTF "Under You" | Steganography

RACTF, Really Awesome CTF is an online security Capture-the-Flag event anyone can join and start to test their skills immediately.

I initially, entered to Steganography section of ractf. And got screen like shown in image below.

Then I clicked first challenge, "Under You" mentioned in steganography of Ractf.

Then, I clicked in the link as mentioned above like "here", and I downloaded image. Image screen is shown below.

At this point, I thought there might be something inside the image (attached), because I was in steganography ractf.

Since I was in Kali Linux Terminal, I quickly did "ls" and "file" to check some details. Prior to doing this, I ran steghide and stegosuite to extract embedded files (but got no success).

After that, I ran "cat photo.jpg" in terminal, and finally I got flag. See image below.