Metasploitable Guide 2 : Scanning & Attacking Approach /w KALI LINUX, section i

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Metasploitable Guide 2 : Scanning & Attacking Approach /w KALI LINUX, section i

- Initially, we did setup Metasploitable in guide 1. Now, before moving ahead, setup Kali Linux in VM. In any confusion, refer to Guide 1. (I assume, you can setup OS in VMs.)

Image given below shows that Kali Linux is ready in VM. Next point, NETWORK ADAPTER is changed to BRIDGED. (Do this change to both Kali and Metasploitable)

- Kali Linux will be ATTACKER's Machine and Metasploitable will be victim.

Power On both machines.
- After both system starts, run command 'ifconfig'. (In kali, go to terminal and run command). Refer to images below.

- Here, while seeing these 2 images, we can conclude more details. But, right now notice those highlighted text/commands/numbers. Moreover, remember that IP '' from upper image (metasploitable)

- Run following NMAP command in terminal of kali linux.(ip assigned at last is of metasploitable)

nmap -O 

Refer image below.

- These 2 images shows result of above command. Above command is executed to find out OS running in victim's machine. See second image, for clear detail.

- Let's dig more, following command scans all TCP ports on Metasploitable.

nmap -p0-65535

Now, lets see some about, "UnrealIRCD Backdoor Command Execution"

- Now, We will get access to Metasploitable via Kali Linux MSF Console, after some steps. Watch below.

- Notice ip of your metasploitable. In my case it is ( for now.
- Open Kali, Go to Terminal and type msfconsole and hit enter (refer image below):


Once MSF loads, screen like below will appear.

- Write following command and press enter.

use exploit/unix/irc/unreal_ircd_3281_backdoor

(Screen like below will appear)

- Write following command and press enter.

show options

(Screen like below will appear)

- Write following 2 commands. (Type 1st one and press enter, then type second one and press enter. Refer to image below.



Now, after Exploit, following screen will be seen. (Notice : Command Shell Session 1 opened)

Bingo, You're in now. 
Execute anything from kali linux. 
Metasploitable is now under your control. 

- Refer to image below. I've ran 'ifconfig' command. That ip shown there is not of kali linux, it's of Metasploitable. You know that right ?

- Again, I've ran some commands to see contents of directory in metasploitable. (via kali linux)

First image below shows result in kali linux. 2nd image below shows proof.