1. Ethical Hacking For Beginners : Introduction

This world becoming digital with technology. Many more devices, apps and softwares are being used in daily life, being created in daily life. Many people are using social media, banking apps. Talk about social media or talk about satellite and spacecrafts, all uses technology. Problem now is, devices and softwares that we use might be vulnerable to attack, might be weakly configured. Bad guys, or call it hackers will try to break into these systems, systems which hold our personal information, private data and much more. These bad actors each day tries to hack into the systems, systems like bank, education, medical section and more. Motive might be different, some tries to disturb services, some tries to steal information and money, some tries to sell illegal stuffs via trustworthy sites, some tries to compromise your secret information and spy on you. Crime has no limit. 

Now, here comes the role of ethical hackers, via process of ethical hacking tries to secure all those systems. Does penetration testing, tries to find weak points in the system, and will secure them. All ethical hacking process takes place only after written permission, only after authorized legal process, being within a law, following legal process. Ethical hacker works depending on ethics and laws. 

Ethical hackers using their skills, techniques and learning, tries to find the vulnerable points in system, apps and softwares, then will try to secure or fix those bugs and loopholes.

Possible ways of unauthorized access, information disclosure and more.... ethical hackers will hunt these possible ways and secure them. 

Types of hackers are various. But when we see from top level, we can categorize hackers as following : White hat hacker (Ethical Hackers), Grey Hat Hackers (lies in between of ethical and black hat hackers), Black Hat Hackers (Criminal). Also there is another term of hackers that is Suicidal Hackers, who destroys the victim and do not care if law catch them or kill them. More to follow. . .

1. Ethical Hacking For Beginners : Introduction