CAMBANDIT v1.0 (Generate Link, Send to Victim, Capture Image)

Note : Only for educational purpose.

Cambandit is a tool created by Cyberbandit (Our student). This tool generates a malicious link with the integration of JS and ngrok. When the link is clicked, the victim's camera starts to take photos and sends it to the attacker.

Features: → Easy and handy to use → Can be carried out on the Internet

Installation :

Fire up your terminal and clone it.

Switch directory to cambandit

● Change permission of using chmod +x and run ./

Send the Malicious LINK to the victim. Once the victim clicks it will start to capture

Something like this. The captured file will be stored on the same directory where cambandit is.

How does this all work?? The tool generates a link using Ngrok. A JavaScript code asks victim for permission to allow the use of camera. Then the camera starts to capture what's in front of it.

TOOL BY: (Cyber Bandit)

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