Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking Awareness Seminar March 2019, Pokhara

➤ Awareness Seminar on Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking
➤ Location : Spiral Galaxy Higher Secondary School, Simpani Pokhara
➤ Students : Class 9 and Class 10
➤ Date : March 13, 2019
➤ Cost : FREE
➤ Thank You Admin Section of school for granting us permission to deliver this session to your students. Thank you Mr.Victor Baral for assisting me in this session. Many thanks yo Mr. Saurav Sunar for managing this event. Class 10 students, best wishes for your SEE.
➤ You can also call us for this kind of awareness seminar in your school, college or university. If student is seeing this post, inform your school/college admin. If parents are seeing this post, inform your children. It's our and your responsibility to take measure steps against cyber crime. This sort of seminar is FIRST STEP.