Data Recovery Service Pokhara Nepal

Corrupt data ? Lost data ? Locked by Ransomware ? . . . Don't worry, you can ask help from Hackers House Nepal | BABA Computers Pokhara to get your data back, for any kind of data recovery services in Pokhara, Nepal.

Why Choose Us ? 

We've already recovered data for various small sized business to corporate level. We've provided data recovery service in Pokhara, Nepal from 2014 AD. Including personal wedding photos & videos, travel photos, CCTV footage, encrypted by ransomware, hacked website database, e.t.c. we've recovered their data. From various cities of Nepal, people seek data recovery services from us. 

Since we are from cyber security field, so we know the importance of your data and can take major effective process of data recovery service here in Pokhara, Nepal. 

All data recovery process are done in our own lab, we never give your data to other service providers. Believe us, if we couldn't recover your data on our own lab, then we will return it to you with word "sorry", but we will never give to other service providers of data recovery. 

Process of data recovery ?

 - If case is corrupted or lost data, then you should bring your device to us. If you are from other city, then you can simply courier your device to us.

- If case is encrypted/ransomware locked file, then you can send us single sample of locked data, then we will try to decrypt it, if we succeed, then you have to send your all files or device to us.

Strong Notice :

- If your data is lost or corrupted or locked, then please do not try to run any sorts of recovery process on it, unless you are clear about what you are doing. There are lots of cases, where mistake of user lead their data to never come back state. I want to mention one case here, "Tours and Travel Company of Pokhara brought their laptop and asked us to recover their data. When we saw files, all data were encrypted with ransomware, they said the day before they backed up all locked files and clean formatted their OS. Their this activity took almost 2 months for us to recover their data, but could recover only 40-50%". This is just 1 case. So, never ever try to perform actions on your data or device, bring it to experts as soon as possible.